2018 General Election: Senior citizen casts vote of hope

Wainimakutu Village elder Ratu Sikeli Kelekeleivalu after he cast his vote at the village hall today. Picture: ERONI TUINUKU

SEVENTY-four-year-old Ratu Sikeli Kelekeleivalu made it to the pre-polling venue at the Wainimakutu Village hall to cast his vote with the hope that the next government will increase their social welfare funds.

The Wainimakutu village elder has attended five elections in the past coming across different governments in leadership hoping the next government will focus on the needs of the people in the interior of Namosi.

Ratu Sikeli said the $100 allowance for a month was not enough compared to the cost of living today.

“I receive $100 monthly but it’s not enough because of the cost of living and when I need to travel places or visit the hospital, I have to pay for my transport because of my condition and I need to pay for some of my medication and that’s why I ask the next government to please look into this matter, especially for us in the interior,” he said.

More than 200 voters were expected to vote at the Wainimakutu pre-polling station today.

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