2018 General Election: Parents responsible over their children’s behaviour, says Rabuka

Narere residents at the SODELPA campaign meeting held at the Lagilagi Methodist Church in Narere. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

SOCIAL Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader Sitiveni Rabuka says it is the responsibility of parents to instill moral values in their children before they are sent out to the big world.

This issue came to light after a school teacher in Narere highlighted the need to review the Government’s children protection policy during the party’s campaign rally.

Mr Rabuka said corporal punishment was the reason behind his success in life.

“My parents used to discipline me through corporal punishment when I was a child so that helped me to become successful in life,” the former prime minister said.

“It is the responsibility of all parents to discipline their children.”

Mr Rabuka says his party will review the policy if they win the 2018 general election.

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