2018 General Election: NFP releases party manifesto

National Federation Party supporters at the party's manifesto launch at the Vunimono Hall in Nausori on Thursday night, November 1, 2018. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

THE National Federation Party has launched its manifesto for the 2018 General Election.

The manifesto was launched at the Vunimono Community Hall in Nausori tonight.

NFP’s manifesto sees increases in allowances and also decreases in VAT and duties.

From a $5 an hour minimum wage rate to zero-rate VAT on 15 food items, increase in pensions, benefits in the sugar industry, education, health, housing, welfare, agriculture, tourism, law and human rights and many more are outlined in the 20-page manifesto.

Party leader Professor Biman Prasad, while speaking at the launch, said that it was now on the voters to choose what they wanted.

“The decisions that our voters make will have a great bearing on the direction that Fiji takes in future, whether to continue with business as usual with continued and increased suppression of fundamental freedoms, lack of genuine democracy, skyrocketing cost of living, a sugar industry in a deathly plunge, deteriorating health and medical services, and the continued enrichment of those at the top echelons of Government paying themselves outrageously high salaries and allowances,” Prof Prasad said.

NFP party president Pio Tikoduadua said the employee sector of the country needed to be looked after well.

“First, we must all be economically secure. That is why we want a fair living wage for our workers and our farmers. Our economy depends on them. Next, we have to get rid of the climate of fear that covers our country. People must be free to speak up so that they can contribute their ideas,” said Mr Tikoduadua.

“Then we need to begin the massive task of rebuilding. Because education will decide our future, we need an education system – including university education – that works. We must have a good health system. And we must ensure that every family has that most important thing – a good home,” he added.

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