2018 General Election: Macuata’s Namuka district make their votes count

Fijian Elections Office officials explain a point to Saimone Nakai at Lakeba Village in Macuata. Picture: VISHAAL KUMAR

THE villages of Lakeba and Nasovivi in the district of Namuka in Macuata held their pre-polling today.

Lakeba Village headman  Iliasa Matanakilagi said all the voters listed in the voting list were accounted for.

“The total number registered for the two villages is 109 with 74 people already voted by midday. We have another one hour to go before the voting closes,” Mr Matanakilagi said.

Three pre-polling venues were open in Namuka today – one at Lakeba, and one each in neighbouring Nabubu Village and Namuka Distrcit School.

The Nabubu Village pre-polling venue closed at 9am; the Lakeba pre-polling station closed at 2pm; and Namuka District School is the last venue to close at 7pm.

Pre-polling continues around the Northern Division, with the few venues scheduled to close at 6pm.


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