2018 General Election: Headman raises grievances

Wainimakutu village headman Timoci Sarosaro (right) assists wheelchair-ridden Ratu Sikeli Kelekeleivalu, 74, during pre-polling in Namosi on Monday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

WAINIMAKUTU Village headman Timoci Sarosaro believes he speaks for the villagers when he raised their grievances during the pre-polling at the village hall in Namosi on Monday.

They need assistance in:

  • Upgrading of the school;
  • Requesting business education for villagers to be business minded individuals; and
  • Help with agricultural development.

Mr Sarosaro said they’ve seen some development in the past years, but there were still some areas that they needed assistance from the government.

“Our greatest need is to have access to electricity because we have items in our homes that need full electrical power source to support it. We’ve been wanting for this for the past years since Qarase and Rabuka’s leadership, but we were told that we will have electricity by this December. Recently we were informed again that we will get it by next year December and I wonder whether that’s the truth or will it be another year,” Mr Sarosaro said.

“Secondly, we want our primary and secondary schools to be upgraded. Our students have lack of computers and we need this assistance because nowadays technology is the way forward. We want our children to have a brighter future after secondary school. We’ve had assistance for agriculture in the past and we ask if it could be upgraded so that we can rely on our resources to be a source of income for us.”

Meanwhile, former civil servant Inoke Qali said the villagers of Wainimakutu were hoping for the best and that the next elected government could assist them.

“The villagers have faith in the candidates that they’ve chosen and I hope that the next government will not forget about us because we have the resources. We need the assistance from them to upgrade and develop our resources so that we can also benefit from it. As a former teacher I would like the ministry to focus on education in the rural areas and its development,” Mr Qali said.

As many as 255 voters were expected to cast their vote at the Wainimakutu polling station.

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