2018 General Election: FLP formed for workers’ voice

Aman Ravindra-Singh. Picture: REINAL CHAND

FIJI Labour Party parliamentary leader Aman Ravindra-Singh says the party was formed to be the voice of workers in the country.

Mr Ravindra-Singh said the party was formed by the trade union movement in the mid-1980s with them being the preacher of trade unions in the country.

“The FLP has been traditionally backed by the trade union movement in the country,” he said.

“FLP is a political arm of the trade union movement.

“With this historical link, we are moving forward and representing workers’ rights and interests and our past policies have been worker based and centred.

“One of these policies includes the second Labour government in 1999, when a minimum wage was introduced for the first time in Fiji for $1.68. Today, 19 years later, the minimum wage stands at $2.68 and it’s only gone up by $1. “We are now proposing a minimum wage of $3.50, that again will be for the benefit of the workers.”

He said $3.50 wage would be for any sector.

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