2018 General Election: Dalo farmer votes for FijiFirst again

Dalo farmer Livai Kurivivali. Picture: ERONI TUINUKU

DALO farmer Livai Kuruvivali believes that the FijiFirst party has done a lot in terms of development and upgrade of agricultural farming that assisted the village of Naraiyawa in the province of Namosi.

Naraiyawa is the last village in the province of Namosi.

Mr Kuruvivali said compared to past governments, there had not been much development done in their province and districts to what the FFP had done in the past nine years.

“I voted for the FFP in the last election and I’ve voted the same party today because I’ve seen the difference and the development done in our area,” he said.

Around 93 voters cast their votes at the Naraiyawa Village hall during the pre-poll in the interior of Namosi.

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