2018 General Election: Couple share daily challenges, demands

Sera Miller and her husband, John with their children at their home infront of their corrugated iron home at Waimalumu in Naitasiri. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

A LIFE of sacrifice is what makes the burdens of life lighter each day.

That is how Sera Miller and her husband, John, cope with the challenges and demands of everyday living.

The couple and their five children live in a corrugated iron home at Waimalumu in Naitasiri, a few metres away from Naqali.

Mr Miller used to be a taxi driver, but has not been working for some time now.

According to Mrs Miller, the family survive on food from their backyard garden and from the money she earns through selling seasonal fruits.

The 31-year-old is among the thousands of Fijians who will be casting their votes come November 14.

She said she would like political parties to address the increasing food prices.

“When my husband was driving, he could earn at least $30 a day. But since he is not working at the moment, we just live off the food that we harvest from our plantation,” she said.

“And if we’re lucky enough, when it’s the mandarin or kavika (rose apple) season, I always go and sell in town. I can earn about $100 if it’s a good day.”

With this $100, Mrs Miller said she would allocate $40 for their three children’s school lunch.

The rest she had to budget until the next time she went to sell fruits.

“For our children’s stuff like diapers for the two younger ones, we would try and make do with whatever little thing that is available,” she said.

“The price of food is so expensive especially when we have children.

“When we live like this it’s fine, but it’s only their lunch daily to school that I am always worried about.

“I think when I go to vote I will see which political party will best address this before making my decision who to vote for.”

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