2018 General Election: 60 cast vote at Savusavuitaqa Village

Savusavuitaqa Village headman Lorosio Salavuce at their village. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

OF the 73 registered voters in the village of Savusavuitaqa, only 60 people were able to cast their votes during the pre-poll today.

Savusavuitaqa Village headman Lorosio Salavuce said they had a population of 235 people in the village.

Mr Salavuce said the 13 people that did not cast their votes today were all out of the village attending to personal commitments elsewhere.

“As the village headman, I have discussed with them the importance of voting but the choice is theirs,” he said.

“Pre-polling progressed fine at the village today and there was no commotion.”

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