2018 General Election: Problems in Fiji linked to the economy, says Narube

Unity Fiji Party leader Savenaca Narube. Picture: FT FILE

UNITY Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube says the root of problems in the country is linked to the economy.

He made these comments while speaking at a Scripture Union Fiji’s organised elections information night at the Wesley City Mission Church Hall in Suva on Saturday.

Mr Narube said if leaders got the economy right, a lot could be done to facilitate this aspect of leadership.

“We hear a lot that the economy is growing,” he said.

“The FijiFirst Government boasts about this growth. But to me as an economist, I look at what is driving this growth.

“This growth is built on debt, its growth from borrowing. This is why we are growing because we are borrowing a lot.

“To me, who pays this burden of borrowing? It is the people. This is the kind of economic burden people face. When we cannot repay the debt and we have run out of options, people carry the debt.”

He said another burden carried by the people was the burden of paying back for education.

“After three or four years of education, you carry a burden of debt. Even before you actually start your education,” he said.

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